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Woolly Walls

The aim of this project is to produce a worked representation of the Spirit of Sutterby project.

The objectives are to showcase craft skills, to leave a lasting testament, and to produce an artistic representation of Sutterby church.

A wooden model is now completed and consists of a scale model of the church, sitting on a board representing the graveyard. This sits on a plinth with 6 windows capable of displaying art and craft work.

The Woolly Walls design team have had several meetings. They have been trying to decide what materials are best to replicate the slates, bricks and stones  that make up the church. They have also been trying to decide how much detail of the inside walls to include.


A sampler has been produced showing some of the materials and techniques we propose to use. We have knitted the bricks, sewn strips of raw wool in place to represent the stones, used felted wool for the window surrounds, and taffeta for the window glass.


Now that we have obtained funding, we propose to cut the canvas, which will form the base of the work. We will then attach the windows and brickwork, then work on the stones.

At this early stage, it would be useful to know if other members of the Spirit of Sutterby are interested in participating in this project. It is envisaged that the work will be shared amongst groups of crafters so you would not be expected to complete a whole section alone.

If you are interested in participating in this project, then please email me, Denise, at with your name and any crafting skills that you may have. As the project develops, we will invite you to participate.

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