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Natural History - Surveys and Records

This section records documentation relating to the Natural History which has been discovered during the course of the project.

Bumblebee ID Sheet

Bumblebee Survey

The 2021 Bumblebee Survey

This Spring we are asking if you would consider taking part in a simple survey to record the numbers and distribution of four Queen bumblebees. You need no previous background in bumblebee recording to take part- we just ask that as you wander in your garden or on a walk that you look out for the humble bumble! 

Please find attached a simple survey recording form along with an introduction to the survey and identification information. 

Bumblebee Survey Form


The project is committed to surveying the natural history of Sutterby;  collecting local records and sending them for inclusion in the county-wide natural history database.


We are working with the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership to increase the number of records for Sutterby. Last year (2014) we logged 250 records – this year we are aiming to increase that figure to 500. We aim to reach this target through a series of organised surveys, plus ad hoc recording on site. So please if you visit the church/churchyard and see or hear anything make a note of it in the survey form, which is in a folder in the church. If you don’t know what it is, then please attempt to draw it or just write down what it looked like!


On this page :-



Survey records for Lincolnshire


Whilst our focus is on Sutterby and its environs, we are actively encouraging people to keep a monthly ‘log’ of what they see in their own gardens. Please use the survey form below. If you can make a note of what you have seen each month and send the form either to me or to the address on the form I would be very grateful.



On-line Survey form

The link below will connect to the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership website and allow you to download an excel spreadsheet.


Fill out the sheet and when complete please email to




Identification Charts 


Being able to identify what you have seen can be a big issue.

There are a lot of websites which hold useful information including identification charts. Also others which will attempt to help with identification queries.

We can’t list all of them, but please follow the links to access some which we feel are particularly useful.

You can, of course, always contact us here at the project



General natural history:


Natural History Museum




Amateur Entomologists Society

Royal Entomological Society



RoyalSociety for Protection of Birds (RSPB)



Bumblebee Conservation


Wild flowers:

Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland





‘Seen at Sutterby’ Site records


Records 2014:

Grasses - A list of Grasses found in Sutterby churchyard 5/7/2014




Species found at Sutterby




Langton Sheep Walk





Records 2015:

These records will be arriving on an ongoing basis through year.


Species Record 2015




 there will be monthly moth counts


Also see

Moth gallery


OPAL Surveys


The Open Air Laboratories Network, led by Imperial College London, is running surveys across the UK to learn more about the state of the environment.

At Sutterby we are taking part in 4 – The Biodiversity Survey, The Air Survey, the Bugs Count and the Soil & Earthworm Survey.


For more info. click on the links below.

We will post more info as the Sutterby surveys get underway .

If you would like to be involved in surveying please get in contact


Biodiversity Survey

Sutterby 2015


The Air Survey

Sutterby 2015


Bug Count

Sutterby 2015


Soil & earthworm Survey

Sutterby 2015



‘See you later, Pollinator’


In support of the ‘National pollinator Survey’ and the ‘Bees Needs’ project, we will be running a number of events aimed at increasing people’s pollinator identification skills and also carrying out surveys at Sutterby and beyond.


Linking to:

Pollinator info and records 2015

Will be a series of pdfs as we collect records


Links to:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

National pollinator survey


Bees Needs


Pollinator identification chart


Spread your wings on the web


Some websites you might find useful.


If you don’t already receive this monthly Lincolnshire wildlife update, do consider signing up. It is free and a brilliant way of finding out what is going on around the county. Please also consider letting them know of any wildlife sightings.


Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust




Bumblebee Conservation Trust



Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union



Moths Page




















Survey records for Lincolnshire
Identification Charts
‘Seen at Sutterby’ Site records
OPAL Surveys
‘See you later, Pollinator’
Spread your wings on the web
Moths Page
Sutterby Moths Page
Sutterby Moths Page
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